Kimchi Korean food

Kimchi, which is among the most important dishes of Far Eastern cuisine, is described as a “miracle food” by South Koreans.


A secret to long life for over 90 years for Korean people, Kimchi contains vitamins, pulp, minerals and antioxidants that are quite remarkable.

South Korea’s most famous kitchen chef, Shim Young-Soon, told Daily Sabah about this miracle food. Korean women are grateful for their beauty and health to kimchi. Although I’m 80 years old, I don’t have any wrinkles on my face. I have no health problems. Garlic, sauerkraut and radish combine to form an arcanum for the body. I recommend that everyone taste this miracle food.”

Kimchi, which is an irreplaceable dish of Korean cuisine, is in fact a kind of pickle, which is served as a side dish in Korea. The tips of making delicious kimchi in South Korea are transferred from mother to daughter to the next generations.

UNESCO included the miracle food on their list of abstract cultural heritage in 2013. Kimchi, which Koreans call “holy pickles,” were added to the food list that Korean astronauts will eat in space in 2008 with a Russian vehicle.

A 45-year kimchi master, Young-Soon, described the health benefits, saying, “Kimchi is a very effective way to remove all diseases. It is good for your acne and skin blemishes. It is a good antioxidant because of the vegetables it contains. It is used to heal wounds as ointment. Kimchi is the secret of the longevity of the Koreans. A piece of kimchi every day will make you more energetic, beautiful and healthy.”