Camping in Turkiye

Camping in Turkiye


With its air, sea, sun and nature, every corner of Turkey has a special place where nature lovers can find everything they need. If you want to return to nature before summer ends, here are the best and most scenic camping sites in Turkey.
Köprülü Canyon National Park in the southern city of Antalya


Camping in Turkiye
Camping in Turkiye

Nested among cedar trees and the Köprü River, the canyon embraces adventurous spirits looking to explore an unsoiled place in Antalya, one of the most touristic destinations in Turkey. After passing through the mountains where green streams flow and virgin forests grow,

Köprülü Canyon shows all its beauty to its visitors. Resembling another natural wonder of Turkey, the Fairy Chimneys, Köprülü Canyon one-ups this thanks to its river. You can feel the adrenaline from river rafting and enjoy getting wet through the crystal clear spring water and rapid waves of all sizes. Be sure that when you arrive at the canyon for camping, you will be mesmerized with the spectacular view of Taurus Mountain and the surrounding national park. Marked as the longest canyon in Turkey at 14 kilometers, Köprülü Canyon’s wall are as high as 100 meters.What makes the canyon fascinating is its historical sites dating back to the ancient times. There are still remains of a theater and temples of Zeus and Artemis in the canyon region. Two bridges called Oluk Bridge and Bugrum Bridge still stand as a testament to the engineering wonder of ancient times.

How to get there: The canyon is 92 kilometers from Antalya. When you arrive at northeast Antalya on the Side Road, you can take the turnoff for Taşağıl and Beşkonak to reach Köprülü Canyon National Park. A circular scenic route crisscrosses the mountain stream, passing through extensive forests and over waterfalls.

Avanos in the Central Anatolian city of Nevşehir

If you want to discover the central Anatolian beauty of Turkey, camping sites in Avanos give you a chance to make your wish come true.Ada Camping Avanos offers you both natural beauty and luxury at the same time in Cappadocia, which stands as one of the most renowned wonders of nature from ancient times. Camping is not always about leaving the luxuries of the world behind; it can be right for both those seeking comfort and those who opt only to take a backpack. If you want to live both in the pocket of nature and have home comfort, camping sites in Avanos will be a nice option for you. Bungalows and RV sites, swimming pools, power, shower facilities, Internet and regional tours to let you see Cappadocia’s beauty that is remnants from ancient times in luxury, while still camping.

How to get there: To arrive in Avanos, you should first go to the center of Nevşehir via a domestic flight in Turkey or bus. From there, you can catch one of the regular buses which will take approximately 30 minutes to get to the site.

ISTANBUL — Yearning for a sunny and outdoorsy holiday as the spring arrives in the northern hemisphere? Turkey offers you the best four camping sites, where the only risk is not wanting to return home. Turkey is a fascinating holiday spot. With its natural, historical, sea and geographical wonders, you will definitely want to explore all the beauties that this country offers.

If your definition of “holiday” is living in a pocket of nature, Turkey is the place for you as nature’s five-star camping destinations are all here.While many come to Turkey to relax at its beaches or soak in the culture and history of the country, Turkey also has some of the best camping opportunities for those who wish to head toward nature with a tent or RV.

From the foothills of a mountain to hidden cozy beaches along Turkey’s coast, read on for four top camping picks that promise to get you away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Declared a first-degree natural protected area in Turkey’s western coast Fethiye, Butterfly Valley is one of the most fascinating natural wonders in Turkey. Since any type of construction is prohibited in the area and the valley’s location is away from prying eyes, all you can get during your stay is nature, fresh air, a vivid blue sea, colorful butterflies flying above and a hidden valley waiting to be explored. The valley is named after its butterflies that cover all the trees and rocks like a silky soft scarf. Do not expect to notice them as soon as you hop into the valley. Just wait until one of them moves and triggers all other butterflies. The valley has a capacity of nearly 125 tents and power, shower and toilet facilities for free-ofcharge at certain times of the day. There are also bungalows that are ready to serve the absolute beginners in camping and RVs for those who wish to have a camping holiday at a homelike place.How to get there: The only way to get to the valley is renting a boat or using a water taxi. You may directly go from Fethiye, Ölüdeniz to Butterfly Valley. It takes around half an hour and if you are lucky enough, your boat may stop by one of the most renowned caves in the region, the Mavi Mağara, Turkish for “Blue Cave.”

Yedigöller in the north of the Bolu province of Turkey

Located in the northwest of Turkey, Yedigöller (seven lakes in Turkish) is one of the most renowned national parks in Turkey suitable for camping.Yedigöller National Park is almost like a heaven on earth with all beeches, oaks, mahoganies, alders, elms and firs that embrace the surface. If what you want from camping is to feel the nature that seems to come out of a pastoral masterpiece by a painter, Yedigöller is the perfect camping spot for you. The place is suitable for camping not only in spring but all-year-round. Nature photography, painting,
hiking, angling and lake fishing are among the activities that you may do in Yedigöller. Bear in mind that there is no power at the camping site, but this is actually one of the features that makes Yedigöller attractive. To better understand the language of nature, Yedigöller offers one of the most amazing landmarks for the absolute beginners in camping. If you are enjoying a silence and serenity during your stay, Yedigöller is ready to make your head spin How to get there: Yedigöller National Park is 42 kilometers away from the north of Bolu and it can be reached via the Yeniçağa Road, 152 kilometers off the Ankara – Istanbul highway.


Yedigöller National Park, in the borders of Bolu province, is one of the most popular camping spots in Turkey. Some have only seen this unique region in impressive photos, while others have traveled there to take snapshots in person. It is a suitable place for camping in the spring, summer and autumn thanks to its unique geography. While camping here, you can take many photos, take a walk or even go fishing. There is no electricity in the camping area, but campfires are permitted provided you tend them carefully. The national park, which offers campsites surrounded by impressive nature, is the best option for new campers.


If you are dreaming of an exciting experience in the harsh conditions of nature instead of a modern camping facility, İnbükü Forest Camp is perfect for you. Offering a 140-tent capacity, there is also an area for caravans. You can go fishing in the İnbükü Forest Camping area, swim in the sea and cycle. Çubucak Forest Camp is open throughout the year.



Butterfly Valley, or Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish, has been an extremely popular spot recently. It is a camping area in Fethiye district where you can both swim in the sea and enjoy nature in a mysterious bay, which is difficult to access in an air full of oxygen. You can enjoy the excitement of paragliding as well. The tent capacity in the valley is 125, and there is some diving training available in the camping area. Electricity, showers and toilets are provided free of charge during certain periods of the day. If you have guests who find staying in tents uncomfortable, you can direct them to the surrounding bungalows.


Köprülü Canyon, protected as a national park, houses the richest plant variety in the world. Located on the borders of Antalya province, the canyon offers an opportunity to camp with tents or in caravans. There is a good selection of places for camping to pick from in this area, including near Eurymedon Bridge at the end of the canyon, in Karabük Village between the bridges, Beşkonak Village by Köprüçay Stream, in Altınkaya Village or in the ancient city of Selge. If you’re looking for a variety, stay a few days in each. Some shops sell tents and camping equipment in the canyon. For an adrenaline rush, add the excitement of rafting to the days you spend in Köprülü Canyon.


İğneada is a perfect place to camp and try various sports in the İğneada Floodplain. This area has many camping sites to pick from. After some exploration, you can settle in a camping area that fits your style best. Keep in mind that camping in İğneada comes with some challenges; for example, finding water is problem, and the flies can be annoying. Overall, it is an ideal place for a short camp holiday.


Karagöl, which means “Black Lake” in Turkish, is another nice option, located 25 kilometers away from Borçka district. Just turn off from Borçka Macahel road. This camping area in Karagöl, situated in a sprawling green field, offers the beauty of nature throughout the four seasons to its visitors.


Kaçkar Mountains, or simply Kaçkars, draws people like a magnet with its rich flora, snow-covered hills throughout the four seasons, meadows featuring every hue of green and dense forests. The lakes on the top of the mountains are worth seeing, as well. Tatos Lakes, Kavrun Plateau, Dilberdüzü and Galerdüzü are among the ideal places for camping in this area.


Mount Nemrut, where the most impressive sunrises and sunsets in the world can be seen, is among the most wondrous destinations for tourists with its ancient statues from the Commagene Kingdom. Watching the sunrise and sunset from Mount Nemrut is a must. You can stay for one or two days in a camping area in Mount Nemrut National Park. The region is ideal for trekking and photography.


Bafa, the biggest lake in the Aegean region, invites you to visit its perfect nature. Some 2,000 years ago, the lake was the hometown of Heraclitus of Ephesus, a famous philosopher. In the lake, which is also a bird sanctuary, sits Menet Island, Kargı Asarı Island, İkizce Island and the Kapkırı Islands, which feature Byzantine monasteries and defense structures. You can discover the lake and surrounding area by joining trekking tours after finding the perfect campsite.


You can set up your tent near the Azmak River or under the shade of pine trees or wherever you want in Akyaka- Gökova. Another must-see camping area in Turkey is Gökova Forest Camp with its location close to the sea, featuring a 300-tent and 70-caravan capacity area and eight bays. The region is situated in the town of Akyaka Gökova in Muğla province. This camping area offers more alternatives than other regions. The sites have electricity, sculleries, laundry facilities, kitchens, hot and cold water, and market services. Moreover, one of the nicest alternatives is that it is suitable for water sports. You can swim in the bay of your choosing among the eight in the Gökova Forest Camp and enjoy nature.