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Southwestern Treasures

Treasure of Mexico (Part 1): Garrett's field team prospecting in Mexico's Cobre Canyon and Gold and Treasure Adventures (Part 2): A competition hunt in California and treasure hunting in Europe. (VHS 55 min.)
#1670100 $9.95
Treasure Adventures

The Silent Past (Part 1): Ghost of Big Bend prospector helps a family discover buried artifacts and Tracking Outlaw Treasure (Part 2): Modern day search for stolen loot cached during a 19th century stagecoach robbery. (VHS 46 min.)
#1670200 $9.95
Weekend Prospecting

Demonstrations of current techniques for locating gold nuggets, veins, specimens and placer deposits using metal detectors and gold pans. (VHS 50 min.)
#1670600 $9.95
Sand and Sea Treasures

Treasure Recovery from Sand and Sea (Part 1): Slide show and beach/surf/water "how-to" hunting tips and Treasure of the Indian Ocean (Part 2): Search for 18th century wreck off Madagascar showcases underwater recovery techniques.
(VHS 50 min.)

#1670300 $9.95
Gold Panning is Easy

A comprehensive look at where to locate gold and how to recover it with Gravity Trap pans. Includes techniques shown in the companion book f the same name.
#1670400 $9.95
Treasure Visions & A Utah Treasure Trek

Treasure Visions: A documentary about Charles Garrett's quest for treasure in ghost towns and hermit cabins. Includes footage of actual gold, silver and coin finds. Also includes hunting techniques from the companion book, Ghost Town Treasures. A Utah Treasure Trek: A behind the scenes look at the making of Treasure Visions. (VHS 55 min.)
#1673500 $9.95

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way?

When Charles Garrett founded Garrett Metal Detectors more than 36 years ago, his determination to build high quality, affordable metal detectors was accompanied by his belief that a little research and study would help customers to use metal detectors more effectively. Charles' natural gift for teaching combined with his passion for metal detecting led him to write several books on the art of treasure hunting.

Decades later, a great portion of Garrett Metal Detectors' business still involves consumer education.

A variety of educational materials, from books to videos, are routinely produced by Garrett Metal Detectors for consumers and the general public.

How-to Videos on Operating Your Garrett Detector

GTI 2500 (34 min)
# 1673100

GTI 1500 (28 min)

GTAx 1250 (19 min) #1673200

GTAx 750 (17 min)

GTAx 550 (15 min)

GTAx 400/350 (14 min) #1670500

MH CX Plus (26 min) #1671100

Gold Stinger (24 min) #1672500

Sea Hunter Mk II (24 min) #1673600

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