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Treasure Tips & Hunting Hints

From where and how to hunt to recovering treasure, all the essentials to successful hunting are found in this helpful guide for new treasure hunters. 64 pages.



Treasure Caches Can Be Found

NEW! Learn how to research, locate and recover abandoned caches and follow Charles Garrett as he takes you on some of his most inspiring cache hunts. 194 Pages. Charles Garrett.



Treasure Hunting for Fun and Profit

Charles Garrett recollects numerous incidents in which coins, jewelry, money caches, gold nuggets, and other valuable objects have been found and explains how easy it is to find similar items today using a metal detector. 204 pages. Garrett.



You Can Find Gold with a Metal Detector

Comprehensive information on using metal detectors to find gold nuggets, veins and ore. With illustrated panning instructions. 140 pages, 20 with color illustrations. Garrett/Lagal.



Buried Treasures You Can Find

State-by-state listings of thousands of sites where treasure is believed to exist. Includes guide for using modern detectors. 365 pages, 48 with color illustrations. Marx.



Ghost Town Treasures

The mystery of ghost towning is brought to life with illustrations explaining how to locate old ghost towns and uncover their hidden treasures. 156 pages, 20 with color illustrations. Garrett



The New Modern Metal Detectors

Revised edition of the original book explaining the proper use of metal detectors, including computerized models. Ideal for field use or home study. 446 pages, 50 with color illustrations. Garrett.



Competitive Treasure Hunt

All you'll need to know about the fascinating world of competition treasure hunting is revealed. Specific A-to-Z details clearly outline how your club can plan, conduct and profit from a successful hunt. Valuable tips are offered that will help you win the competitive hunts of other clubs.
And, here's an added plus: Charles Garrett states flatly that "reading this book will help all hobbyists find more coins and other treasures!" 82 pages. J. Lowry



Sunken Treasure:
How to Find it

Famed underwater treasure hunter, Bob Marx shares his lifetime of experiences locating and recovering treasure from beneath the sea. 402 pages, 48 with color illustrations. Marx. 1507500 $14.95



Find an Ounce of Gold a Day

A handy pocket guide (included in Gold Pan Kit) that explains how to recover gold with Garrett's Gravity Trap pans. 48 pages. Lagal.



An Introduction to Metal Detectors

A handy pocket-guide that explains, in layman's language, how to operate metal detectors and find treasure. 80 pages. Garrett.



Gold of the Americas

A history of the earth's most precious metal and how it helped shape the history of the Americas. Filled with colorful vignettes and stories of bravery and greed. 168 pages, 26 with color illustrations. J. Marx.



The New Successful Coin Hunting

The treasure hunter's authoritative guide to finding valuable coins. Includes information on computerized detectors. 259 pages, 34 with color illustrations. Garrett.



Treasure Recovery from Sand and Sea

Comprehensive instructions for uncovering the "blanket of wealth", hidden beneath the sand, surf and sea. 466 pages, 50 with color illustrations. Garrett.



Gold Panning is Easy

A new field guide for beginners illustrating how to find gold with or without a metal detector and appropriate gold panning techniques. 134 pages, 20 with color illustrations. Lagal.




A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way?

When Charles Garrett founded Garrett Metal Detectors more than 36 years ago, his determination to build high quality, affordable metal detectors was accompanied by his belief that a little research and study would help customers to use metal detectors more effectively. Charles' natural gift for teaching combined with his passion for metal detecting led him to write several books on the art of treasure hunting.

Decades later, a great portion of Garrett Metal Detectors' business still involves consumer education.

A variety of educational materials, from books to videos, are routinely produced by Garrett Metal Detectors for consumers and the general public.

RAM Books

Charles Garrett is the most well-known and respected treasure hunting author in the world. He writes his books with conviction and shares his treasure hunting tips in generous doses. In the early 1970s Garrett found himself wanting to make a bigger impact in the world of treasure hunting. Determined to share his enthusiasm with all who would listen, he began writing. He hasn't stopped since.

His books are straight-forward and give sensible advice for new and even veteran treasure hunters. In them he not only emphasizes effective search practices but notes that adventure and a spirit of discovery are the most important traits treasure hunters need to be successful in this hobby.

His message has always been to "teach treasure hunters everything I know so that they can reach their fullest potential in this fascinating, and very rewarding hobby." His first and highly acclaimed book, Successful Coin Hunting continues to be a best seller even today. Garrett's current work, Treasure Caches Can be Found, is now available for purchase.



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